Outdoor carcover Mercedes-Benz W113 with mirrorpockets

Outdoor carcover Mercedes-Benz W113 with mirrorpockets

Outdoor autohoes Mercedes-Benz R230 met spiegelzakken

Outdoor autohoes Mercedes-Benz R230 met spiegelzakken

Tailor made outdoor carcover Mercedes-Benz R129 1989-2001 with mirrorpockets

A tailor made outdoor carcover with mirrorpockets for Mercedes-Benz R129 1989-2001. The Star Cover car cover protects the Mercedes-Benz against the outdoor elements, dirt and keeps you car paint in good shape. The unique materials used (woven polyurethane with special membrane) makes the car waterproof but still breatheable.


Tailor made for Mercedes-Benz R129
Top quality by use of micro polyurethane woven fibers, does not tear like many press-fabric-covers
Handmade of sustainable materials
Washing your car less often = environmentally conscious
License plate print on cover optional
3-layer, outside smooth and strong, inside soft, in between a waterproof, breatheable membrane
100% Waterproof and breathable
Easy to install by 1 person

Carcover | Outdoor cover | Tarpaulin Mercedes-Benz R129

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Star Cover carcovers developed to fit Mercedes-Benz R129

These ultra strong outdoor Mercedes-Benz R129 carcovers are the ideal solution for those seeking a fitted carcover for their Mercedes-Benz R129. Thermoplastic polyurethane blended with a breathable membrane. Tightly knitted fabric provides excellent protection from rain, snow, ice, bird droppings, UV-rays and scratches as well as remaining breathable to prevent any build-up of condensation forming on the car.

The snug fit of these outdoor covers ensures that they not only look great but also provide exceptional protection. Also the mirrorpockets add extra luxury to the cover and make it even easier to install the cover.

Low profile seams guarantee a sleek finish whilst displaying the contours and profile of your car.

5 Years waranty on our Star Cover carcovers

Very easy 1-person installation

For covers without mirrorpockets the installation is similar

100% Waterproof

100% Waterproof and protection against snow and ice.

Pros en cons

Always a perfect fit cover for Mercedes-Benz R129
Less expensive then a cover without mirror pockets
Easy to apply by 1-person
Long lasting sustainable materials used
More luxury design then a cover without mirrorpockets
Washing your car less often = environmentally conscious
More expensive then a universal cover
Carcover might discolour when used in direct sun for a long period, but keeps blocking UV-rays

Clear labels in the front and rear of the cover. The cover can be provided with windbelts.

Superstrong stitches, premium quality.


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When your Mercedes-Benz is parked outside, it is exposed to the elements of mother nature. This elements can easily damage the (paint of ) your car. Our Star Cover outdoor carcovers protects your car against these hazards. By covering you Mercedes-Benz with our tarpaulin for outdoor use, you add an extra, heavy duty, protectional layer to your car. The paint of your car has a thickness of approximately 0,09mm to 0,14mm. Protectin against UV-rays and heath are mostly underestimated, our car covers also stand out here, 100% waterproof and yet breathable.

Material properties

The covers are made of themoplastic polyurethane which ensures a very strong protection of your Mercedes-Benz and a sleek finish with a subtle shine. Thanks to the high fabric density, our car covers offer excellent protection against the weather elements, without the need for many thickening layers. The Star Cover covers are breathable, preventing condensation on the Mercedes-Benz R129.

More Information
Product brand Star Cover
Packing length 50cm
Packing width 30cm
Packing height 40cm
Breatheable Yes
Mirror Pockets With mirrorpockets
Car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz
Build 1989-2001
car_model R129
Car model SL-Class
Material Thermoplastic polyurethane
Protection 100% Waterproof, Heat reflective, Tree sap, Snow and ice, Rain, Hot sunshine, Dust, Knocks and scratches, Birds, UV rays
Anti theft eyelets Yes
Easy 1-person fit Yes
Storage bag included Yes
Luxury giftwrapping Yes
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Manual and tips for your carcover

Very easy 1-person installation

Before you install the cover to your car, be sure that the car is clean, dry and free from hard bits an loose pieces. This way you maintain the car and cover in perfect conditino.

Lay down the cover on the roof of your car, the labels signal which side is front and rear. Unroll the cover over the roof to the hood and tail of the car.

Now you can unfold the sides of the cover by flaping them open. First pull the front of the cover around the nose of your car, then do the same on the rear of your car.

Tips for a longlasting cover

Make sure your antenna is hidden or removed, this will keep the antenna from making a hole in the cover eventually. If you drive a convertible, close the roof before installing the cover.
Please let remove the cover once per month to let some fresh air to the car and cover, this way any condens will slip away.

The motor and exhaust are cooled down, after washing the car or rain, make sure the car is dry before installing.