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Car covers for Fiat

Are you looking for a car cover that protects your Fiat? Then you've come to the right place. There is a suitable car cover for every Fiat. The covers are tailor-made for each model, so that the car cover fits perfectly on your Fiat. So you can rest assured that the cover offers optimal protection for the car. Would you like to discover our complete range of Fiat car covers? Then quickly view this page!

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  1. Indoor carcover Fiat 500
    As low as €119.00
  2. Outdoor carcover Fiat Barchetta
    As low as €195.00
  3. Outdoor carcover Fiat 124 Spider 1966-1985
    As low as €200.00
  4. Indoor car cover Fiat 500 E
    As low as €140.00
  5. Outdoor carcover Fiat 500 2007-current
    As low as €200.00
  6. Outdoor carcover Fiat 500 C 2009-current
    As low as €200.00
  7. Outdoor carcover Fiat 500X 2015-current
    As low as €220.00
  8. Indoor car cover Fiat Barchetta
    As low as €140.00
  9. Outdoor car cover Fiat 500 E
    As low as €200.00
  10. Indoor car cover Fiat 124 Spider
    As low as €145.00
  11. Indoor car cover Fiat 124 Spider with mirror pockets
    As low as €155.00
  12. Indoor carcover Fiat 500
    As low as €140.00
  13. Indoor car cover Fiat 850 Spider
    As low as €140.00
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Items 1-20 of 320

per page

Outdoor car cover Fiat

Don't have a place to store your Fiat inside? Then the car probably has a lot to endure outside. Weather influences such as wind, rain, hail and frost can cause paint damage and scratches on the car. To prevent this, it is best to protect the car with an outdoor Fiat car cover. The outdoor car cover Fiat is made of woven polyurethane fibres. This technique ensures elasticity, waterproofing and a lightweight car cover. Due to the double stitched seams, the car cover remains waterproof. In addition, the inside is provided with an inner coating that ensures that there are no scratches on the paint if the cover shifts.

Indoor car cover Fiat

Do you usually store your Fiat indoors? Even then it is important to protect the car with a car cover. Inside, dust and dirt can also fall on the car. These can stick to the paint and eventually damage the paint. Another advantage of the Fiat car cover is that you do not have to wash the car immediately when you take it out of the garage after a while. The indoor car cover Fiat consists of a stretch material. This material is composed of lycra and satin. This composition ensures that the fabric is stretchy and breathable.

Buy Fiat car cover?

Have you become enthusiastic about the car cover for a Fiat? Then take a look at this page and discover the range of the Fiat car cover. The car covers are developed in the Netherlands and delivered from the Netherlands. So you benefit from a short delivery time! Do you have questions or want more information? Please contact our customer service and let us advise you about the possibilities.