Esteras absorbentes de combustible diesel de aceite (10 almohadillas)

Esteras absorbentes de combustible diesel de aceite (10 almohadillas)

Bandeja de goteo de aceite de plástico 110x60x4cm

La bandeja de goteo de aceite recoge fugas de aceite, gasolina y diesel cuando estaciona su automóvil. Esto evita manchas molestas en el piso. Al usar nuestros paños de absorción de aceite, puede usar la bandeja de goteo de plástico durante mucho tiempo sin demasiado mantenimiento. Debido al diseño extra delgado (4 cm), esta bandeja de goteo se puede deslizar debajo de casi cualquier vehículo. La bandeja de goteo está hecha de polietileno.
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Manual and tips for your carcover

Very easy 1-person installation

Indoor car cover

Outdoor car cover

Before you install the cover to your car, be sure that the car is clean, dry and free from hard bits an loose pieces. This way you maintain the car and cover in perfect conditino.

Lay down the cover on the roof of your car, the labels signal which side is front and rear. Unroll the cover over the roof to the hood and tail of the car.

Now you can unfold the sides of the cover by flaping them open. First pull the front of the cover around the nose of your car, then do the same on the rear of your car.

Tips for a longlasting cover

Make sure your antenna is hidden or removed, this will keep the antenna from making a hole in the cover eventually. If you drive a convertible, close the roof before installing the cover.
Please let remove the cover once per month to let some fresh air to the car and cover, this way any condens will slip away.

The motor and exhaust are cooled down, after washing the car or rain, make sure the car is dry before installing.