Choosing aid for buying a car cover

You have a beautiful car. A classic, convertible, sports car or a car for everyday use. The car gets dirty if you don't use it and want to put an end to that. You are buying a car cover!

We think that's an excellent idea. But we notice from the questions we receive to our customer service that there is often a lack of clarity about which cover to use and when. This decision aid is a handy tool for that! On the basis of a few simple questions you will know in no time which car cover is suitable for you.

Question 1: indoor or outdoor car cover

The most important question is whether you need an indoor or outdoor car cover. The question is very easy to answer. We take as a rule: can there be wind on the cover? If so, we always recommend an outer cover.

Why? The weave density of a indoor car cover is more spacious, so that the cover breathes even better. In addition, an indoor cover is made of polyester with approximately 20% Lycra, which makes the cover 4-way stretch. This property ensures that wind passes right through the cover and makes it bulge. With the possible result that the cover blows off, or even blows away. In addition, dirt is blown onto the car through the cover.

The outdoor car covers are made of a weighted material. A tightly woven polyurethane without Lycra. Either the wind goes over the cover (and not through it), in addition, no dirt gets through the woven cover.

If the cover is going to be in a covered garage or shed, i.e. 4 solid walls and a roof, we recommend an indoor car cover. Of course, the outer cover can also be used, but precisely because the indoor cover is woven more generously, the breathability is much higher. Condensation will also form in a garage (especially unheated), the indoor cover drains this to a very high degree, so the risk of moisture on the car is virtually nil.

Question 2: custom made or custom selected

Our range contains 2 collections. The custom selected Star Cover covers and the fully customized Custom Cover car covers. Which one is best? That depends on what you are looking for in the cover. We look at 2 factors in this: fit and protection.

Fit: The Custom Cover is completely custom made and has the best fit in the market. Fits very tight. The Star Cover is a bit more forgiving due to its 4-way stretch, but it also fits very nicely around the car. The Star Cover outdoor covers are slightly more spacious, for the sake of protection.

Protection: The Star Cover has the same protective properties as the Custom Cover with regard to the inner covers. If we look at the outdoor car covers, the Star Cover stands head and shoulders above it. This is due to the choice of material and the choice to make the covers slightly wider. This creates a higher breathability. A feature that a Custom Cover has only limited.

Star Cover outdoor material Custom Cover outdoor material

Material Star Cover outdoor

Material Custom Cover outdoor

Star Cover indoor material Custom Cover indoor material
Material Star Cover indoor Material Custom Cover indoor


Question 3: Price, a high-quality cover for every wallet

For some, price is the deciding factor. There, the Star Cover beats the Custom Cover. The Star Cover offers a very high quality car cover at a competitive price. The Custom Cover is the top end of the market. The fully custom-made, very sleek car cover has a higher price tag.

Question 4: with or without mirror pockets

This question is very easy to answer: it just depends on what you like. Of course, a cover with mirror pockets is slightly more expensive, the protection of the cover is equal to the variant without mirror pockets. Please note that a cover with mirror pockets has the chance to fold around the mirrors. In addition, many modern cars are equipped with the option to automatically fold the mirrors when the doors are locked. Then a cover with mirror pockets is not very practical.

We supply car covers for cars from before 1974 without mirror pockets, simply because at the time we were not very consistent with the position and shape of the mirrors. In addition, there are also models where the number of mirrors on the car varies from 0 to 4.

Star Cover car cover Custom Cover car cover

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