Material properties of the Star Cover indoor stretch cover

Star Cover indoor car covers are made of a 2-layer woven combination of stretch lycra and polyester. The inside of the cover is made of a scratch-free fleece material, which feels extremely soft. The outside is made of a shiny polyester, which provides protection and makes the cover strong.
Because the fabric is woven in 2 directions with super technology, it becomes 4-way stretch . This means that the material is stretchable both horizontally and vertically, the cover follows the curves of the car. Which makes for a very breathable cover with a tight fit. The breathability of the cover is 5000 grams per m2 per day. Which stands for very high breathability, the highest in its segment and very good protection against condensation.


180-190 g / m2 material density

Star Cover car cover is manufactured with a material density of 180-190 grams per m2 . This makes the cover very durable and lightweight, yet extremely strong in combination with the weaving technique. The cover has a UV resistance of 15 UPF which stands for limited protection, which is more than sufficient for storage in a closed greenhouse or garage. The cover basically has the color of the raw materials, but the cover gets a color by means of pigment paint. This color penetrates the fibers, but does not make the fibers unnecessarily stiff, this method of dyeing has the possible disadvantage that the cover can discolour after exposure to UV light.


Breathability index

The breathability expressed in the number of grams of moisture that can pass through the material per square meter within 24 hours. Either condensation and moisture that can disappear under the cover.

Breathability <800 g / m2 / d
Offers low breathability and closes the car completely, there is a great chance that condensation will remain under the material.

Breathability 800-3000 g / m2 / d
Medium breathability, we often see in sail covers.

Breathability> 3000 g / m2 / d (Star Cover cover)
Very high breathability, whereby condensation and moisture generated under the cover are well diverted. Within 24 hours, approximately 5000 grams per m2 of moisture is evaporated, which minimizes the risk of damage.


UV protection index

How much harmful UV radiation does a material filter?

UPF <15
Offers limited protection against ultra violet light and can cause visible damage to objects covered under the material.

UPF> 15.20 (Star Cover cover)
Offers good protection and absorbs significantly more than UPF <15 materials.

UPF> 25,30,35
Offers very good protection and is often used outdoors.

UPF> 40
Offers excellent protection and filters most of the Ultra Violet light that reaches the material, so it lets through very limited. Very suitable for outdoor use.



Condensation occurs because water vapor comes into contact with an object (car) which is colder than the air in the environment. In this case, the moisture hits the cold surface, which creates small droplets on the surface. This effect is enhanced because metal cannot buffer condensation in any way. Every car suffers from condensation unless it is in a room where the climate can be fully controlled (heating & ventilation).



Rising moisture

This problem is also called rising damp and is caused by ground moisture evaporating and striking the surface of an object as condensation.



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