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Car covers tailored to fit your car

Protect your valuable car with a perfect fit car cover. Luxurious and de chic indoor covers to protect against dirt, dust and fingerprints, condensation and small scratches when your car is stalled in the garage. Or a waterproof, breatheable outdoor car cover to use under the carport, on the driveway or when your car is stalled on the side of the road. Protection against rain, snow, light hail, birddroppings, UV-rays, treesaps and many more. On our website you will find tarpaulins/covers specially developed to fit your model car. Convertible, sportscar, classic, modern or oldtimer, Star Cover car covers and custom tailored Custom Covers protecting covers. The Custom Covers are especially tailored and produced to your specifications, you can pesronalize your very own car cover.

Customized protection

Our Star Cover car covers are custom selected for your car model. Made of high-quality materials and developed in the Netherlands. The Custom Cover car covers for indoor or outdoor use are specially made to measure for your car model. This cover fits like a second skin around your car, protects and looks very nice. The best fit in the market. Because the Custom Covers are produced especially for you, you have a unique cover for your car, but it will take a little more time before you have the cover at home. We can usually supply the Star Cover car covers from stock. We have OEM car covers in our range for many brands, an example is the Porsche car cover.

A car cover is environmentally conscious

Washing a car gives a beautiful result. The car shines and looks beautiful, but for how long? An indoor car cover keeps dust and dirt away from the car. Even though your car is stored indoors, dust and dirt get on the car, which gives a dull end result. The result is that you will polish your beautiful car again. With a cover you have to wash the convertible, oldtimer, sports car less often, which in turn is better for the environment. It is important that the car covers are made of the right materials, with a high breathability and yet fit tightly around the car.

The outdoor car cover for the car has partly the same protective property, but protects this car cover even better. The outdoor covers have been specially developed to prevent paint-damaging risks in addition to dust and dirt. Think of long-term exposure to UV rays, burning bird droppings or tree resin. So in addition to washing less often, the cover is also gentler on your car paint. The outdoor covers are less tight in fit, which increases breathability and minimizes moisture.

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